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The New Me

Saturday, January 21, 2006

12:55AM - OY!

** I am only keeping this post public because there is a link to it from my myspace... the other couple public entries (other than the public post below this one stating that my lj is 'friends only') have been made 'friends only' as well.**

I have been really meaning to make a post. In fact, I almost wrote down a list of everything I need to post about. Which I will get to, if not tonight, then tomorrow. There really is a lot. But for now, I will update on the most important thing. I went in for my first 3d/4d ultrasound in San Diego today. I am just about 24 weeks pregnant and I will go in for the more in depth ultrasound at around 32 weeks. The pictures will be a lot better and you'll be able to see the baby's features better. These pictures didn't turn out that great. Some turned out okay, but none really that spectacular. They will be though at the next one! I am so glad I did it though. Not only did I get to find out the baby's sex for sure, but I got to see more detailed pictures of the cutie! Keep in mind, they aren't that detailed. But more so than a regular 2d ultrasound.

First, she did the 2d ultrasound to determine the sex. It seemed like everyone in the room could tell what it was before I could. A few of you that I told when I first found out already know, haha.

Was I and everyone right about the sex?Collapse )

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

8:08PM - My only public post! Edited: December 2008

My journal is, always has been and always will be FRIENDS ONLY!!!

This is to keep people I don't want knowing everything about my life from reading about it! I write very personal things in here.... I treat it just as I treated my diaries growing up. So I am very careful when I add people. If you are in a community that I am in, I will probably add you, so just let me know a bit about yourself in this entry or through a message. :) Thanks!!!

I love my baby girl! ♥

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